Which chainset’s are effected?

Check the back side of your chainset arms, if they show any of the model numbers listed below (please see the image below for where to look).


If your model number is not shown above, then your crank arms are not part of the batch that needs to be inspected. Continue to ride your bike with no worries.

If your chainset is one of the above models effected, you next need to check if it is stamped with a production code shown in the table below.

Again, if your cranks are not marked with a procudtion code shown in the table above, you can continue to use your bike with no worries.

Your cranks are marked with effected model numbers and production codes, what to do next?

Use the link below to book your bike into one of our workshops. This enables us to capture all your details and for you to book a drop off slot. Drop your chainset or bike into your chosen store either the day before or on the morning of your drop off slot.

Please note: we will not inspect your chainset while you wait. But we will get back to you as quickly as possible once your cranks have been inspected.

What we will do.

Once we have your cranks (Preferably cleaned prior to bringing instore) we will then inspect for signs of delamination. If we find no signs of delamination you can collect your crank arms, fit them back to your bike and continue to ride. If we do find signs of delamination we will ship your cranks back to Shimano on your behalf in order to get a replacement set. Access can still be made for inspection should failure become apparent at a later date.

The first batch of free-of-charge Replacement Cranksets will be delivered to our European warehouse by mid-October. Sadly we cannot store your bike while we wait for new cranks to arrive. We also don’t hold any stock of replacement cranks, but we will aim to assist and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

More information. (info below is taken from Shimano.com/en-EU)

How is the replacement any different from my current crankset?

The new crankset uses the latest construction and bonding techniques. There will be slight cosmetic differences from the original crankset. In some cases the exact specification may not be available. 

My crankset passed inspection, is there anything else I need to do?

We encourage all riders to maintain their bicycle and riding equipment diligently.  Have your bike tuned up and inspected regularly (ask your retailer for recommendations based on your riding habits). Pay attention to changes in the sound and feel of how your bike is riding. Changes could indicate wear out, breakage, or need for adjustment to some part of your bike.

How long will it take to get a replacement crankset from Shimano?

Shimano will do our best to expedite the replacement crankset. However, with all the different chainring and crankarm length combination we may not have your crankset in stock. If a replacement crankset is temporarily unavailable, Shimano will work with the retailer to communicate and confirm when the replacement is ready.