Bike Fitting

Bike fits are back at CJ Performance Cycles. It’s taken some time to find the right person, but we believe we have him, in the form of Chris Bush (going off social media comments, you all agree too).

We are busy putting this page together, and also sorting out the equipment Chris needs to complete his fit but any questions you have can be answered by Chris on 01670 712 536 or sending him an email on

Keep checking back for more information and images of bike fits taking place.

What is a bike fit?

A good bike fit is about making your bike work for you and with you more than the other way around. There is of course a case for adapting your body to work with a high-performance aero position if speed is what you are after but if you cannot maintain that position for more than a few minutes at a time or your priority is riding pain free on your weekend club ride is that really what you need?

A good bike fit should strike the right balance between performance, safety and comfort. If a position is not comfortable enough to maintain an aggressive set up you won’t be able to perform or you can’t reach your controls effectively, you won’t be safe, and your position could potentially be the source of injury. Just like riding a bike, it’s all about balance.

Who is a bike fit for?

Simply put, a bike fit could be for anyone who rides a bike. Bike fits tend to be something that cycling enthusiasts and of course bike racers will seek out, but the fact is most of us could benefit from an expert eye when it comes to our bike set-up. Even those of us that have been riding for a long time could benefit from having our position looked at from time to time. Our bodies change over time so why shouldn’t our bikes?

If you experience any aches and pains or discomfort when you ride, if you struggle to ride in the drops or reach the brake levers, if you get crampy or numb feet or numb parts elsewhere-maybe you should get your set up checked. . If you ride regularly, if you experience discomfort, if you want to be as efficient as possible, if you are recovering from or want to prevent injury then maybe a bike fit is for you.

What do we do during a bike fit?

Where possible we like to work on your own bike. Fitting jigs and machines have their place of course but you are not going to ride a jig, you are going to ride your own bike. In today’s world of integrated cockpits, hidden cables and proprietary parts this is becoming increasingly tricky, but we can usually work around most issues.

Once we have your bike set up on our Wahoo Kickr roller and found out a bit more about you and your bike then we are ready to start observing and measuring. The important thing here is when it comes to bike fitting rules there are no rules. Everyone is different and what works for one rider may not work for another. Sometimes we start with a cleat set up, sometimes we get you on the bike and pedaling first, sometimes there is a clear issue we need to address before we even start. The important thing is your bike fit is yours and yours alone. Sure, there is a window of adjustment we are looking for, but we don’t all look through the same window. More details on the bike fit process can be read here.

What isn’t a bike fit?

A bike fit session isn’t a fitness test, it isn’t judgmental on you, your level of experience, your choice of equipment or anything else. A bike fit is a process not an event and that process may change and evolve over time just as we change over time.

A bike fit is not about selling you expensive upgrades or new kit, in fact we will always do our best to work with what you have and if you are looking for upgrades or improvements, we can help you make the right choices. A bike fit is about helping you get the most out of your bike and your cycling with helpful, constructive advice, not dogmatic opinions or patronizing jargon.