CJ Performance Cycles Ltd was born in November 2010. We currently operate two shop premises in the North East. Locations in Cramlington, Northumberland and Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

Both shops stock well over 200 bikes at any one time as well as clothing, accessories and parts.

We house Shimano Service Centre workshops at both shops. Open 6 days a week, closed Sundays. 

Or buy online today! Free UK delivery over £100! 


Ground Floor Ringtons Tea BuildingSt Mark's Street Tyne & Wear NE6 2YN
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    Park Tool 744 40.98mm Reamer in Silver http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/mad/qk744.jpg

    The #744 is used to ream BB86/92 Bottom Bracket shells to an inside diameter of 40.98mm

    Park Tool PRS-4W Wall Mount Weldment in Black http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/mad/qk1964prs4w.jpg

    Wall Weldment for PRS-4W Wall Mounted Repair Stands

    Park Tool MWF-1 Flare Nut Wrench 8mm and 10mm in Blue http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/mad/qkmwf1.jpg

    A brilliant workshop time saver; this 8mm and 10mm Wrench is used to safely open and close the compression nut on hydraulic brake callipers and levers

    Park Tool PCS10/12 Clamp in Black http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/mad/qk1795.jpg

    Complete Clamp for PCS-10, PCS- 12. Genuine Park Tool replacement part

    Park Tool PCS9 Clamp Handle Assembly in Black http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/MAD/qk16802.jpg 1680-2 - Clamp Handle Assembly For PCS- 9
    Park Tool PRS-3.2-1 Deluxe Single Arm Repair Stand in Silver http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/mad/qkprs321lb.jpg

    The industry standard for over 40 years

    Park Tool PNT-5 Pint Glass in Clear http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/mad/qkpnt5.jpg

    A high quality Pint Glass featuring a three-color Park Tool logo on one side and a bike and a wrench on the other

    Park Tool DT1 Cutter in Silver http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/MAD/qk1767.jpg 1767 - Cutter For DT- 1
    Park Tool HMR4 Rubber Hammer Head in Blue http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/mad/qk293.jpg

    Replacement Rubber Head for HMR-4. Genuine Park Tool replacement part

    Park Tool BTS1 Handle Weldment w/Arbour in Silver http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/MAD/qk676.jpg 676 - Handle Weldment With Arbour For BTS- 1
    Park Tool PFP4 Head Assembly in Black http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/MAD/qk1096.jpg 1096R - Head Assembly For PFP- 4
    Park Tool PFP3/PFP6/PFP8 Plastic Head Assembly in Black http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/MAD/qk1081.jpg 1081 - Complete Plastic Head Assembly For PFP3, PFP6, PFP8
    Park Tool PFP4 Head/Hose Assembly in Black http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/MAD/qk1099.jpg 1099 - Complete Head & Hose Assembly For PFP4
    Park Tool PFP3/PFP6 Head/Hose Assembly in Black http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/MAD/qk1088.jpg 1088 - Complete Head & Hose Assembly For PFP3 & PFP6
    Park Tool PFP3 Hose in Black http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/MAD/qk1083.jpg 1083 - Hose For PFP3, & PFP6 - Black
    Park Tool TS 2/6 Left Hand Calliper in Silver http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/MAD/qk2192l.jpg 219-2L - Left Hand Calliper For TS2 / 6
    Park Tool PFP4 Plunger Assembly in Black http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/MAD/qk1098.jpg 1098 - Plunger Assembly For PFP4
    Park Tool TS2/6 Right Hand Calliper in Black http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/MAD/qk2192r.jpg 219-2R - Right Hand Calliper For TS2 / 6
    Park Tool 682 Arbor Pilot for BFS1 in Silver http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/MAD/qk682.jpg 682 - Arbor Pilot For BFS- 1
    Park Tool PRS20/21 Bottom Bracket Saddle w/Covers in Silver http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/mad/qk1711.jpg

    Bottom Bracket Saddle with Covers PRS-20/ 21. Genuine Park Tool replacement part

    Park Tool 5 Pack 50mm Toolboard Single Hook in Silver http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/mad/qk198.jpg

    50mm Single Hook, bag of 5

    Park Tool PRS-4.2-2 Deluxe Bench Mount Repair Stand in Silver http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/mad/qkprs422.jpg

    Deluxe Bench Mount Repair Stand with 100-3D Micro Adjust Clamp

    Park Tool AP-1 Adhesive Primer in Blue http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/mad/qkap1.jpg

    Prepares surface and accelerates curing

    Park Tool TLR-1 Threadlocker in Blue http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/mad/qktlr1.jpg

    Threadlockers lock threaded assemblies and keeps them from loosening

    Park Tool BBT-69.2 Bottom Bracket Tool in Blue http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/mad/qkbbt692.jpg

    Precision CNC machined aluminum tool for the installation and removal of external bearing Bottom Bracket Cups

    Park Tool SR-18.2 Sprocket Remover/Chain Whip in Blue http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/mad/qksr182.jpg

    This combination Chain Whip and Freewheel/Lockring Remover Wrench is heat treated to prevent bending and flexing, with a molded handle for comfort

    Park Tool HXH-2P P-Handle Hex Wrench Holder in Black http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/mad/qkhxh2p.jpg

    HXH-2P - Hex Wrench Holder

    Park Tool TAP-10 Frame Tap in Black http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/mad/qktap9.jpg

    Part of a range of Taps to cover all normal needs on a bike

    Park Tool TAP-3 1/2in Pedal Tap Set in Black http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/mad/qktap6.jpg

    Part of a range of Taps to cover all normal needs on a bike

    Park Tool P-Handled Hex Wrench in Blue http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/mad/qkph8.jpg

    This P-Handled Hex Wrench will fit your hand as well as the task it's designed for

    Park Tool DCW-1 13mm and 14mm Double-Ended Cone Wrench in Silver http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/mad/qkdcw4c.jpg

    Ideal cone wrench for the home mechanic

    Park Tool HTR-HS Head Tube Reaming And Facing Handle Set in Black http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/mad/qkhtrhs.jpg

    The HTR-HS contains the Handle (#736), Threaded Shaft (#739), Quick Release Centering Cone Assembly (#740), and Locking Nut (#737) from the Park Tool HTR-1 Head Tube Reaming and Facing Set

    Park Tool HCW-17 Fixed-Gear Lockring Wrench in Silver http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/mad/qkhcw17.jpg

    Double Ended Fixed-Gear Lockring Wrench

    Park Tool AWS-11 Fold-Up Hex Wrench Set in Blue http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/mad/qkaws11c.jpg

    AWS-11 - Fold-Up Hex Wrench Set: 3 To 6, 8 & 10 Mm

    Park Tool AWS-10 Fold-Up Hex Wrench Set in Blue http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/mad/qkaws10c.jpg

    A selection of essential metric Hex Wrenches in a convenient folding package

    Park Tool AWS-9.2 Fold-Up Hex Wrench Set in Blue http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/mad/qkaws92c.jpg

    The Park Tool Fold-Up Hex Wrench set combines 4,5 and 6mm hexes, a Flat Blade Screwdriver and a T25 Torx® Compatible Driver

    Park Tool CT-6.3 Folding Chain Tool w/Peening Anvil in Silver http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/mad/qkct63.jpg

    CT-6.3 - Folding Chain Tool With Peening Anvil

    Park Tool TWS-2 Fold-Up Torx Compatible Wrench Set in Green http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/mad/qktws2c.jpg

    A selection of essential Torx® Wrenches in a convenient folding package

    Park Tool FTS-1 Fork Threading Set in Silver http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/mad/qkfts1.jpg

    Designed to cut new threads on Fork Steerers, or clean up existing threads

    Park Tool FFS-2 Frame and Fork Straightener in Silver http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/mad/qkffs2.jpg

    A controlled way to straighten frames, forks, cranks, and handlebars, when feasible

    Park Tool FAG-2 Frame Alignment Gauge in Black http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/mad/qkfag2.jpg

    Diagnose tracking or gear shifting problems quickly and easily

    Park Tool FFG-2 Frame and Fork Dropout Alignment Gauge Set in Silver http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/mad/qkffg2.jpg

    Improperly aligned frame and fork dropouts can cause bent axles and quick release skewers, as well as tracking and shifting problems

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