CJ Performance Cycles Ltd was born in November 2010. We currently operate two shop premises in the North East. Locations in Cramlington, Northumberland and Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

Both shops stock well over 200 bikes at any one time as well as clothing, accessories and parts.

We house Shimano Service Centre workshops at both shops. Open 6 days a week, closed Sundays. 

Or buy online today! Free UK delivery over £100! 


Ground Floor Ringtons Tea BuildingSt Mark's Street Tyne & Wear NE6 2YN
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    2020 Ridgeback Comet Womens Hybrid Bike in Blue http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/rb20020.jpg Comet Open Frame Lg 2020
    2017 RIDGEBACK FLIGHT 03. http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/sportline/rbb36.jpg

    Flight 03 bike

    2020 Ridgeback Avenida 7 Womens Hybrid in Green http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/rb20420.jpg Avenida 7 Lg 2020
    2020 Ridgeback Avenida 6 Womens Hybrid in Black http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/rb20400.jpg Avenida 6 Lg 2020
    2020 Ridgeback Avenida 21 Womens Hybrid in Red http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/rb20410.jpg Avenida 21 Lg 2020
    2020 Ridgeback Nemesis Mens Mountain Bike in Red http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/rb20200.jpg

    With a tough build and specially hand picked components the Tempest is ready to take the rough with the smooth.

    2020 Ridgeback Velocity Womens Hybrid in Blue http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/rb20080.jpg Velocity Open Frame Lg 2020
    2020 Ridgeback Vanteo Womens Hybrid in Purple http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/rb20100.jpg Vanteo W Lg 2020
    2020 Ridgeback Vanteo Mens Hybrid in Blue http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/rb20090.jpg Vanteo Lg 2020
    2020 Ridgeback Three6Five Unisex Hybrid in Red http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/rb20120.jpg three6five Md 2020
    2020 Ridgeback Tempest Womens Hybrid in Blue http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/rb20140.jpg Tempest W Lg 2020
    2020 Ridgeback Tempest Mens Hybrid in Orange http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/rb20130.jpg Tempest Lg 2020
    2020 Ridgeback Supernova Unisex Hybrid in Silver http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/rb20150.jpg Supernova Lg 2020
    2020 Ridgeback Storm Womens Hybrid in Purple http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/rb20230.jpg Storm W Lg 2020
    2020 Ridgeback Storm Mens Hybrid in Blue http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/rb20220.jpg Storm Lg 2020
    2020 Ridgeback Element Unisex Hybrid in Blue http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/rb20110.jpg Element Lg 2020
    2020 Ridgeback Speed Womens Hybrid Bike in Black http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/rb20060.jpg Speed Open Frame Lg 2020
    2020 Ridgeback Speed Mens Hybrid Bike in Brown http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/rb20050.jpg Speed Lg 2020
    2020 Ridgeback Comet Mens Hybrid Bike in Grey http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/rb20010.jpg Comet Lg 2020
    2020 Ridgeback Motion Womens Hybrid Bike in Pink http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/20-motion-w-hero-gallery_1557839137_lg.jpg Motion Open Frame Lg 2020
    2018 RIDGEBACK VELOCITY TANDEM http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/sportline/rbb54.jpg

    Velocity Tandem 

    2020 Ridgeback Velocity Mens Hybrid in Grey http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/rb20070.jpg Velocity Lg 2020
    2020 Ridgeback Motion Mens Hybrid Bike in Orange http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/rb20030.jpg Motion Lg 2020
    2018 Ridgeback Velocity Disc O/F Womens Hybrid in Blue http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com// No Description Available
    2018 RIDGEBACK TRADITION MENS BLACK http://https://www.cjperformancecycles.com//images/sportline/rbb28.jpg

    Tradition Mens MD Bike Black

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